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Greitens' attorneys had highlighted a portion of the woman's deposition in a request for additional evidence. Asked by a prosecutor whether she saw what she believed was a cellphone, the woman replied, in part, "I haven’t talked about it because I don’t know if it’s because I’m remembering it through a dream or I – I’m not sure, but yes, I feel like I saw it after that happened, but I haven’t spoken about it because of that." The defense filing also says the woman previously informed Gardner's office that her "recollections may well be from a dream or vision," and Greitens' attorneys inferred that "these dreams and visions may well extend to multiple other aspects of (the woman's) recollection of these three-year-old events." Dream theory: Gov. Greitens' defense: Woman's memory of photograph may be based on 'dream or vision' Simpson's law firm handled the woman's first public statement in January — in which she expressed a desire for privacy — and has since represented her in court hearings and handled media inquiries on her behalf. The woman has cooperated with prosecutors in St. Louis and state lawmakers investigating Greitens in Jefferson City, though she has tried to avoid the media fray. Greitens' attorneys' latest defense motion appears to have crossed a line. "In an effort to preserve her privacy and the privacy of her children, my client has refused to comment on this case and her silence has allowed a number of false and misleading statements to go unanswered," Simpson said in a statement. "However, the most recent attack on my client's credibility cannot be ignored; it is time to set the record straight. "We will support a motion to release the complete transcript of my client's deposition, so long as her name and other identifying information is redacted. Gov. Greitens needs to take responsibility for his actions and be honest about the fact that he took my client's photograph without her consent." More: Woman's consent often overshadowed in scandal over Gov. Greitens' affair Greitens has acknowledged the affair but has denied criminal wrongdoing, including allegations that he tried to blackmail the woman into silence and that he allegedly photographed her while she was partially nude without her permission. Their initial encounter was in March 2015, well before Greitens was elected, though the governor's attorneys say the two had a months-long consensual relationship.  Greitens has avoided providing a "yes" or "no" answer when asked point-blank whether he photographed the woman.

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